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Zapraszamy Was do zapoznania się z naszym asortymentem, zakresem usług, które świadczymy na Wasze życzenie oraz pełnym pakietem rozwiązań i modernizacji, które mogą Wam przynieść wymierne korzyści finansowe i umożliwią Wasz szybszy i stabilny rozwój.

linia pionowa Zapraszamy do poznania naszej firmy i korzyści, które możecie osiągnąć, korzystając z wiedzy i potencjału, który mamy przygotowany właśnie dla Was.

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Who do we serve

Our offer is addressed mainly to maintenance departments in manufacturing companies as well as to manufacturers of machines and equipment for the broadly understood industry.

We are able to offer each of these entities both individual elements in the field of pneumatics, power hydraulics and mechatronics, as well as comprehensive technical solutions from design to ready-made machines and devices. We cooperate with the best specialists, institutions and product suppliers in the world.

We also remember about the principle of minimizing your expenses. You have a guarantee that the prices we offer are among the best on our market.

What we do

The main scope of our company's activity is the supply of pneumatics, mechatronics and power hydraulics components.

We provide comprehensive equipment for companies - from the delivery and installation of compressors and refrigerant dryers, the construction of a professional, certified pneumatic network, to the connection and commissioning of machines. The entire assembly process is carried out in accordance with the best standards and ends with the acceptance of the devices by the Office of Technical Inspection.

The scope of our activities related to the distribution of goods includes the sale of renowned pneumatic products (actuators, valves, air preparation units, connectors, cables), vacuum ejectors and suction cups, pumps for the transfer and transportation of chemicals (including aggressive ones), gas springs and shock absorbers, pressure gauges, gears and gearmotors, industrial automation elements.

We also supply specialized drilling and tapping equipment for customers requiring the highest quality at the best possible price.

The scope of our activities also includes the supply of bus pneumatics components for opening doors (actuators and valves).

Having the appropriate machinery, we also produce ready-made elements, machines and devices from design to delivery and assembly.

What is our vision

We want your confidence and peace of mind. Certainty that all elements and devices will be delivered to you in the highest quality and at the best possible price. Peace of mind that all orders we receive from you will be prepared, executed and delivered with the highest care and quality of service.

As president of the management board, I vouch for the professionalism of our employees.